• Stephanie Yewdell

Making the grade: Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper

The unofficial start to summer heralds in the official start to sweat and shine until the humidity disappears. Sometimes there is no point of even trying to look decent, if you know it will just melt off. Then Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper ($23) was introduced. Perfect for all skin types from normal to oily, this is the antidote to shiny skin. Before applying your make up a small layer, similar to primer is applied. Instantly, skin is not shiny, whether from moisturizer or natural oils. It controls skin’s oil with its microsponge technology. As well it help to minimize pores appearances. It evens out and smooths imperfections. Make application after using the shine stopper is flawless. Foundations sit lightly on the skin and appear silk like. Unlike other oil controlling products available on the market, Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper continues working throughout the day. An added benefit is that it helps to control pimples and blackheads. Since oily is being controlled, skin starts to become clearer. While it is best to be applied before makeup application, it can be used throughout the day for touch ups. This remedy will help make summer make up bearable and everlasting.

Teacher's Final Grade: A+

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