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Night before the first day on the job, big blind date this evening, meeting his parents for the first time. There are a lot of firsts and the last thing you want is a big red pimple standing in between you and a great first impression. Inevitably they will show up because that’s how Murphy’s Law works. At first site, spot treat that bad boy so he doesn’t become the chaos he intends to bring to your life. Even though its hard to practice what you preach, never attempt to pop it. Treat it with an acne remedy.

One of best types of pimple treatments is a spot treatment with Salicylic Acid. It dries up the gunk clogging your pores. Aubrey’s Acne Treatment Gel ($10) has 2% Salicylic Acid and has a pointed tip that resembles a chubby crayon. Over night, this gel will eliminate tricky zits and help reduce redness. There are a ton of spot treatments that use a range of Salicylic Acid percentages, up to ten percent like Clean and Clear’s Persa-Gel 10 ($7). Most range in the middle at five percent like Dr. Lin’s Acne Spot Corrector ($8).

Benzoyl Peroxide is another powerful zit zapper to look for. It will penetrate and clear up both black and white heads that make skin look less than stellar. Ambi Even & Clear Acne Spot Treatment ($6) is a great option for darker skin as it is specially formulated to help keep tone even. A zit will impede that evenness, but this spot treatment helps to restore it. As well, La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo ($27) is a double timing acne treatment. It works to kill zits while smoothing skin.

If you crave something natural, there are wonderful products straight from nature that work just as great. Kora’s Blemish Gel ($60) has Noni extract and Lemon Myrtle to dry up pimples. Juice Beauty Blemish Be Gone ($15), tells zits to get out of town with organic fruit extracts, willow bark that has natural salicylic acid. Boscia Spot Treatment ($15) also uses willow bark to clear up complexion.

Most treatments come out in a gel. Too much comes out when you only need a tiny dab. Control it with just using a roll on treatment instead of a gel. Estee Lauder Clear Difference ($35) targets your problem area. Zum Lab Pimple Stick ($7) is gentle and effective so it is great for sensitive skin since it is completely natural.

All the above treatments are great, but sometimes these zits pop up when they need to be covered immediately. E.L.F. cosmetics has the Zit Zapping Concealer ($2) that covers pimples while treating. They come in a variety of shades to hide zits while fighting them. For the reddest zits there is a green option that counters the redness to reduce it.

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