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Beauty brands you haven't heard of: Soaptopia

​Nothing is better in the bathroom than natural. Natural products have so many benefits within the walls and beyond them. Soaptopia is a Los Angeles based bath and body company. The brand spans from soaps to natural perfumes.

Sopatopia’s soaps range from bars to liquids, from earthy to minty. The L’OATus ($7) is a mix of lavender and oatmeal. The lavender is the essential sent to help you unwind after a long day. The oatmeal is a gentle exfoliant. There is a blend of oils and shea butter to help nourish and moisturize skin. In time for PRIDE is the Somewhere Over the Bathbrow ($7) bar of soap. It is a layered soap with mint, citrus, lavender and rose geranium oils for a unique scent blend. All proceeds of the soap will be donated to the OneOrlando Fund, benefiting victims of the horrific tragedy.

There is nothing better than a bubble bath after a long day to unwind. Alotta Bubbles ($19) is a sulfate free bubble bath that comes in a wide variety of scents. Just two capfuls will create a sea of bubbles. The LaLa Lavender creates a center of calmness with lavender from Grasse, France. Citrus Siren is more stimulating with its grapefruit essential oils. In addition, there is a whole collection of bath salts. Perfect for tired muscles, the solr works deep to help ease the tenderness. They are available in single use packages ($3) or one pound bags ($7). As the bath fills up, add the salt and then soak for 20 to 30 minutes. The Beauty and Beach Salt Soak transports your tub to the shoreline. The jasmine and orange blossoms mix with vanilla for a smooth, ocean scent.

Finish off your bath with a body oil ($7) that will lock in all the benefits of your bath or shower. Its an oil to slather for when after you lather. Body oils are perfect to apply right after toweling off. Skin is at its perfect state for absorbing the moisturizing properties. It does not leave you slick, but smooth and soft. Rozilla vs. Dry Skinea Oil Slather will nip dry skin in the bud and leave you smelling delicious with the rose geranium and vanilla oils. Soaptopia has a wide variety of other product that will only bring joy and relaxation to your bathroom.

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