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Paint your hair with Matrix Color Sync Watercolor hair colors

Rainbows, unicorns, mermaids: not a list of components to a fairytale, but the latests in hair color. Gone are the days of trying to fool everyone what your natural hair color is. The latest trend in hair color is for a crayola box of options to show your colorful personality. There are those who go bold and then there are those who are looking for a more subtle pop of color. Matrix’s Color Sync Watercolors is the professional hair color to help achieve that light, “natural”, pastel look.

For a soft, feminine touch of color, Matrix Color Sync is a great option. While it might be rare for one to identify moss green and sapphire blue as their natural hair color, this color system makes one question if that is actually a possibility. The color system is only available in salons in order for you to achieve expert application. Color Sync is a demi-color formulation so it will last in hair for about 20 shampoos. It is a great option to see if this is the direction you want to take your hair color in. The commitment is so low. It also is perfect for those who love to change up their look more than their shirt. The formula also helps to condition hair to reduce damage.

Five new colors have been introduced to to the collection. There is berry violet a deeper purple. Coral peach is a soft orangy hue. Quartz pink is your quintessential girl’s pink. Moss green is a green with underhues of yellow. The final shade is sapphire blue that resembles the sky. These colors work best on lighter shades. They can be applied as low lights that peak through natural hues. By having your colorist apply the shades using the balayage technique the color can blend in naturally for an ombre effect. The Matrix Color Sync Watercolor collection is such a wonderful option for anyone’s first foray into bold color choices. The colors are only available in salons, so make sure to check where it is available, and make the next appointment.

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