• Stephanie Yewdell

Your best at home manicure yet

There is a new nail trend every single day. However, what never goes out of style is freshly manicured digits. There are a plethora of options on the market to choose from. One of the newer players on the field is Smith and Cult. In sleek, but edgy bottles, Smith and Cult ($18) has a range of polishes in a shade for everyone’s mood. Each color is rich an dries quickly. It does not just dry and then you smudge it and you realize its not actually dry, but dries and lasts. The polish also is rich. With just one coat you have the actual color that is in the bottle. Normal polishes fool you into thinking the shade is one, but once you paint it on it takes four coats to achieve the sa

me color as the bottle.

Your at home manicure needs to last. No one has time to paint their nails and repaint them. This is why you need Maxus base and topcoat ($18). Unlike any other top and base coat, these will make your manicure last a whole week. There will be no chipping. There will be no fading. The basecoat helps to improve adhesion and protect the nails. The topcoat has the glossiest finish out there. There is ceramic powder and nylon that work as hardeners.

If dabbling in nail art is something you desire, Kiss has realized how hard it is to achieve Pinterest worthy nails at home. Kiss Design Perfection ($3) is a pack of stickers that help you to achieve the hottest nail designs. There is a chevron, zig-zag, half moon and French. On dry nails you put the stickers on nails, and paint over with a contrasting color. Then you take the sticker off and you have your design.

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