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Blonde 101

I forget to smile when I am taking a selfie, sometimes. Sorry

​I'm a blonde, I have been my whole life. It has been blonde to varying degrees. As time has gone on, I may have received some scaffolds (teacher talk for support) to make it look as natural as possible. It seems to be working because I am passing Blonde 101: "Naturally Sun-kissed." There are great products on the market to upkeep your blonde wig, whether it is between appointments with your colorist or enhance what you are naturally blessed with.

Jocio Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner ($18): Blonde hair can turn brassy SXLLM​​rather quickly. I use this combo to keep my locks on point. The shampoo is the most gorgeous, royal purple and the conditioner is a creamy lilac. Before even seeing the results, I was obsessed because purple has been my favorite color my whole life. Purple is a complementary color to yellow, so it helps to balance out the yellow tones that translate to brassy.


John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss ($13): Every time I have my highlights refreshed, I am finished off with a glaze. It locks the color in (or thats what I tell myself) and gives you extra shine. However, your color lasts, but the shine fades. This brings it into your shower. It is a weekly treatment that also helps to neutralize brassyness. It is simple to use: coat hair after washing and let sit for 3 minutes. And there it is, your salon fresh hair.


Dessange Paris Solar Blonde Naturale Sun Spray Treatment ($12): So, I only go see my amazing colorist every 6 months. Chalk it up to the following: He is beyond talented, my day job keeps me busy, or I'm simply lazy. If I taught math, I would say its an equation of all three factors. I cheat a little bit with this spray treatment. During summer or tropical vacations, I spray this on my roots or darker spots that are bothering me. A few relaxing hours in the sun and my hair is lightened. Unlike products from your youth, this will just lighten you a shade. It is super natural and can be used with the help of your blow dryer too.

Everpro Back 2 Blonde ($12): I recognize that sun-in flashbacks may strike fear in your heart, so Back 2 Blonde, may be a better choice. While not permanent, this will provide you with a fix before your next color appointment. You shake the spray and pinpoint the area you want covered. It dries with in minutes and will wash out with shampoo. You won't focus on those roots every time you pass the mirror.

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