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Fragrance of the Month

Back when I was writing for Examiner.com I would try to write a monthly column profiling fragrances I love that are perfect for the season. I am bringing it over here and will (try) post each month about appropriate fragrances. I am a firm believer that you should have a signature scent, but should also have options too. You should have options to fit your mood, the season, the occasion, etc.

Its July. Its the dead of summer. It is hot. You want your fragrance to reflect that. It should be light, and not overpowering. When you smell the fragrance it should refresh you.


Hampton Sun Privet Bloom ($68): The Hamptons and summer are synonymous, so it would only be appropriate that this fragrance would fit my summer bill. This is a delicate scent that mixes notes of all that is fabulous about the Hamptons. The dune grass and sea spray bottle the ocean. The Gardenia and Hyacinth curate the lush gardens.


Lacoste Energized ($75): Men's fragrance seems to fall into two categories: Woodsy and Middle School. So when dudes need to find a summer cologne it can be somewhat tricky. Balancing spicy and citrus, this will fit the bill. Ginger and mint are refreshing and crisp and the tuberose is a burst of energy. The base note of suede amps up the masculinity.

Check back next month for the best fragrance for you!

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