• Stephanie Yewdell

Clean up boys!

So I have been using Cetaphil since the dawn of time. With my sensitive skin, and tight wallet, Cetaphil is the perfect product. Cetaphil is the best cleanser for anyone with sensitive skin and the bottle may actually last you a whole year. Talk about getting what you paid for.

While the classic line of Cetaphil products were unisex, the brand has diversified their line. They have just introduced Cetaphil Men, which is formulated for the masculine needs. Still taking into consideration a variety of skin needs, there is a product for the boys whatever type of skin they have. Men's skin goes through a variety of "traumas" that a woman just won't encounter. Hello, shaving issues! Cetaphil Men Daily Face Wash ($9) is a soap free wash that will clean but not dry or irritate skin. Perfect for the lazy dude, or the gym rat, the Daily Face Cloths ($7) will make it a no excuses game for cleansing. They pack the same benefits of the wash and can be used as he walks to work. He needs to know how important it is to moisturize, with an SPF every day, all year long. The Daily Face Lotion SPF 15 ($18) fits the bill. Because dudes do not necessarily understand you must moisturize skin right after the shower, they tend dry out. Rehydrate with Extreme Healing Lotion ($12) for extra dry skin. It is perfect for heels and elbows and when it gets colder, dry, cracked skin. The extensive line has everything men need to keep skin clean without irritation. Cetaphil can be found at major retailers and drugstores.

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