• Stephanie Yewdell

Beauty brands you haven't heard of: You Are Amazing

You are amazing and you should treat yourself that way. You should treat yourself that way in every aspect of your life. You Are Amazing bath and body products does not want you to forget that in the bathroom. Available only at my favorite store, Target, You Are Amazing is a full line of basic bath products in every scent for every personality. With the purchase of every product funds are donated for Leadership Development to Empower Girls to Change the World in partnership with Girl Up. Girl Up is close to my heart. As a teacher, I love how this organization to build up young girls to understand they are capable of so much more than society tells them they should achieve.

The ginormous bottles of Clean On Up ($4) is their body wash. It is paraben free so it should not irritate skin. For a little bit of a deep clean, there is the Exfoliating Body Scrub and Wash ($4). The exfoliant is gentle for all skin types, but will leave skin smooth. Lock that new, fresh, soft skin in with Hello Beautiful Skin ($4), their body lotion. Not too heavy, it is a great moisturizer for all year. For a a refreshing pick me up, Final Spritz ($4) is a light fragrance. All these products are affordable and come in scents from Lemon Meringue, Vanilla Bean, Mango Papaya, Lavender Fields and so many more. So next time you go into Target for one thing, add this to your cart. You know its next to impossible to buying more than you need. Added bonus, you are helping empower girls!

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