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Fragrance of the Month: Molton Brown

I am not going to apologize for not posting because it is just a busy time of year. School starts in a week. AH! My new 5th graders come so soon. So you know why I have been a bit silent. But I am BACK! August is in full swing and if you are anywhere in the country you are literally melting. Well, I guess only Elphaba is, but you get it. To make it a little easier and ensure you smell pleasant, these two fragrances from Molton Brown will slightly ease the pain that is the thick of summer. Molton Brown fragrances are unisex, but some are more feminine while others fit a more masculine profile.

Women: Mimicking the perfect summer day, Orange & Bergamot Eau de Toilette ($65), is the quintessential summer fragrance. The name implies that it is fresh and citrusy. The citrus is from the orange and the fresh is from the bergamots energizing qualities. The base notes of neroli smooth out the fragrance. Wear this fragrance year round. Every time you get a whiff you will be reminded of everything that is summer.

Men: Capturing man, Bushukan ($65) has the zing that alerts you to what a well put together man should look and smell like. Like for the women, this fragrance has a top note of bergamot that is blended with lemon oil and basil. Vetiver is what gives it is classic scent. Black pepper and thyme up the spice factor to keep it mysterious. Seamlessly transitioning from day to night, men can rely on this fragrance.

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