• Stephanie Yewdell

Back to School with Demeter

September ushers in feelings of back to school no mater how old you are. While some of us are literally back to school, others can't avoid the sales, the spirit, the supplies. Since you don't necessarily need a 10 pack of note cards or glue sticks the memories flood back. Those memories are usually tied to a specific olfactory stimuli. Demeter has filled that void with their Back to School collection. They are best known for their real world fragrances, which take every day scents such as freshly cut grass and lets you wear it as an eau du toilette. Walking down the aisles of office supplies stores, this collection has Glue, Crayon, Paperback, and Golden Delicious to round out the supply list. These scents work best as Atmosphere Diffusers or Room Sprays.

The scents are exactly how you would imagine them. Crayon is a mix of wax and construction paper. Glue has a sweet tinge that those purple glue sticks always had. Paperback has masculine undertones as if books were sitting in a leather library for years. No teacher is going to say no to Golden Delicious which is a blend of crisp, fresh and sweetness for that perfect apple.

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