• Stephanie Yewdell

Light the way

Teachers do not go into this profession for the money, for the summers off, or for the light workload. They go into this profession for the impact it leaves on children’s lives. In the beauty world it is not necessarily central to its business model. However, there are a few brands out there that base its business off its greater impact it can achieve through its high quality products. The Starling Project is a candle company that is on a mission to provide solar energy to communities in need. The project is a line of home candles ($55) available in four scents. There is vanilla hemlock, current rosewood, orange flower amber and Juniper Saffron. Proceeds from sales is donated to UNICEF to fund projects such as solar energy panels in Chad. The candles are produced in Brooklyn and made with cruelty free products. The blends are rich and fill rooms with their unique scent without being lit.. The orange flower is an uplifting note and the amber is traditionally warming. When blended together they create a clean, refreshing, even scent that is both masculine and feminine. The candles are in chic, modern black or white glass jars. They are unassuming, but will instantly be noticed once lit.


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