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The uber for in home massages

After what can only be described as one stressful week piled onto a another stressful week with what can only be another stressful week on the horizon, I had to do something to combat it. Last summer, I received a gift certificate to Zeel, a service that brings the spa to your home. Just like Uber, you can schedule on an demand in home massage. What could be better than that?!?

Wednesday or Thursday of last week I decided I would schedule my massage. I logged onto Zeel's website, but they have a app as well (who doesn't have an app) and decided on Saturday afternoon to schedule my massage. You first decide what type of massage you would like from Swedish, to deep tissue to couples. You also choose the sex of the masseuse you prefer. Then you pick your time range. It can be an hour to a whole day. I knew I had nothing on my plate for the afternoon (I rarely do on the weekends, brunch anyone?) so I gave from 3 PM-7PM. For my first time service use, I had to verify my account. This made me feel safe because if I am being verified, so is my masseuse. Zeel then looked for a masseuse that was available for my time frame and matched us up. We were matched up and I was sent a text message confirming my appointment. You will receive a few reminder emails, and have 24 hours to cancel.

Today, I came home and cleared an area for the table. Most homes where Zeel is available, you can just let the masseuse into your house and they can set up their table. However, we all know how tiny NYC apartments are. My buzzer rang and up came my masseuse and he set up his table. I provided the sheets. There was the option for music, which yes. I live in the quietest apartment building, but apparently everyone congregated in the hall during my time. My "deep tissue" massage began. I told him where to concentrate. He was incredibly professional and I felt as if I was getting the same treatment as any 5 star spa. My only real complaint is that my massage was not as deep tissue as I needed it to be. When he asked how the pressure was, it was fine. We will see if I am sore tomorrow, which is a testament to how good the massage really was. The satisfaction of the massage is a an imperfect equation of preference and style. However, when you are done with your massage, you can rate your massage and say if you would prefer your masseuse, or never see him or her again.

For those with a busy stressful lifestyle, Zeel is perfect. You can request a massage minutes before you want or need it. You do not have to search for your wallet. Everything is taken care of. Tip is included when you book the service. Zeel is located in 40 cities throughout the country, so your instant relaxation is just around the corner. If you sign up here, you will get $20 off your first service, and all the friends you refer will also earn you credit towards a massage.

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