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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Part Four

The holidays will be here before you know it and there is no denying that you will need to buy some presents for lots of people. Those people on that list run the gamut from gym rat, to beauty aficionado, to clueless in the bathroom and everyone in between. From now until the holidays, I will be featuring some of the best gifts to help you tick off everyone special on your list. Make sure to subscribe, so you do not miss a single post.

Jack Black The Balm Squad ($25): When any one asks me what the best lip balm is without hesitation I reply with Jack Black. I discovered it when trolling the Cosmetic Market in Nashville, and fell in love. Why not let everyone on your gift list fall in love too. It may be a "men's" brand, but gender labels are so 2015. This gift set comes with four full sized lip balms in their most popular flavors. The balms are enriched with shea butter, green tea and avocado oil. They work instantly and continue to work, so much so they rarely need reapplication.

Art Naturals Bath Bombs ($20): For that one person you are not sure what to buy them this is the perfect gift. Everyone loves bath bombs, but does anyone actually buy them for themselves? This set comes with six different bombs for every reason you may need to take a bath. There is a Wellness Bomb, Energize Bomb and a Zen Bomb to name a few. Each bomb releases aromatic therapy that require relaxation, but they also help to relieve dry skin and aching joints.

Clarins Tonic Scented Candle ($75): You know that once the wrapping is off this gift will be a hit. Clarins reputation is what everyone knows and its quality is what everyone falls in love with. However, this candle is not what you would expect from them, which makes it more special. Blending Geranium, Orange and Spearmint, the scents fill the home with an intoxicating tonic. In a gold speckled glass jar, this candle will burn for 50 hours of holiday glory. As it burns the light will filter through and add even more magic to the room. This candle is great as a hostess present, or for the one on your list that just loves scented candles.

MAC Nutcracker Collection: Every make up girl waits until this time of year to restock their stash.

That is a lie, but they do wait for every holiday make-up kit each brand releases. This year MAC's Nutcracker Collection is on point. I stumbled on the collection this weekend when I was downtown at the Occulus and MAC was putting on faces and performances. I was blown away and this collection is it! For whatever color pallet she is, there is a set for her that she will just die over. Sweet Nude is perfect for everyone. There's a powder, lip gloss and lipstick in a sturdy festive zip-around case. As previously stated, there is something for everyone, such as a smoky eye kit that will always be appreciated. Not only does the collection have make up, but these travel sized brushes go everywhere, so there is no excuse that make up should not always look flawless.

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