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2016 Beauty Gift Guide: Part Six

The holidays will be here before you know it and there is no denying that you will need to buy some presents for lots of people. Those people on that list run the gamut from gym rat, to beauty aficionado, to clueless in the bathroom and everyone in between. From now until the holidays, I will be featuring some of the best gifts to help you tick off everyone special on your list. Make sure to subscribe, so you do not miss a single post.

Clinique 3 Step Skin Introductory Kit ($20): You know exactly what your first skin care line was; it was the Clinique 3 Step system. It was a right of passage to determine what the perfect combination of products was for you. Give your teenage cousin this kit. It is going to make them feel so cool and special to get a beauty counter skin care kit. Each kit has travel sized versions of the world famous, classic products, which is perfect to determine if they are the right fit for the skin type.

BeautyWorksWest Beauty Supplements ($110): Beauty comes from within. After you are done rolling your eyes at this cliche, listen up. It is true. BeautyWorksWest has developed supplements to help lead your most beautiful life. These are a great gift because no one is going to think they need these, but after a week supplementing their life they will be convinced. Energy is a natural combination of B vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to aid the body in breaking down and releasing energy. It leads to mental clarity and mood improvement. The fountain of youth, is still nowhere to be found, but Youth is packed with everything to help fight off the aging process for healthy hair and nail growth, wrinkle reduction, and stronger bones.

Le Metier De Beauté Limited Eye Color Collection ($75): The holidays are for indulgent, make up you would never think about buying in your daily life. This is why everyone should get Le Metier De Beauté Eye Color Collection as a gift this year. Two sets are offered that meet all your fall trend needs. Made with the highest quality of ingredients the shadows are a smooth, right, pigmented shadow for a professional look. There are shades of purple or nudes. There are a plethora of options to how to apply for a different look for days. It is in a sleek, silver case and a clear mirror to help with application.

Yardley Limited Edition Soaps ($1): Limited edition products are also an added bonus of the

holiday season. These are the farthest thing from an indulgent price point, but it can be added to gifts or stuffed into stockings. These are classic bars of soap and come in Frosted Cranberry or Toasted Vanilla. They still have the pure extracts and essential oils that keep skin moist. The Cranberry is sweet, yet delicate. The Vanilla is warming and perfect. It smells just like the cookies you leave for santa.

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