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WOW look at that MOP

A woman and her hair. You know what I mean. That is why it is vital that she knows exactly what products she needs to keep it looking its best. No matter what the styling process is, a woman still wants to keep it as simple as possible, but have salon quality results. This teacher over here could not agree more. My routine is 5 minutes, but my goal every time is to look like I came from the hair section of a magazine.

As previously stated, whatever the routine is, hair will always require a little tune up. Color WOW Tonics ($24) will provide that for color treated hair. As any woman whose natural color hasn't been seen since the mid nineties knows, coloring your hair leaves it hella damaged. Anything to alleviate the stress and let hair look virginal is welcomed. This is where WOW Tonics come into play. The Carb Cocktail works to fatten up your limp, fine strands. The leave in treatment bonds to strands cellulose and oat bran to add weightless heft to strands. Transport to the islands with for restoration of dull hair that is no longer silky smooth. It adds a layer of lubricating membrane of fatty acids and oils to mimic the lipid layer that gets lost in the process of coloring. Every basic girls veggie of choice (guilty), the Coconut Cocktail Kale, is in the final cocktail to strengthen weak strands. This makes so much sense since Kale is one of the toughest leafy greens on our plates. Hair is fortified with strength building Vitamin B and Amino Acids.

After you have made sure your hair is so "naturally" beautiful, it only makes sense to cleanse hair using balanced shampoos. MOP shampoos are just that. They are Modern, Original, Products. Basil Mint is a revitalizing shampoo that is great for normal to oily hair. It lifts away all the dirt and pollutants that weigh hair down. Pear is the gentle shampoo for infants, toddlers, or anyone with a sensitive scalp. Especially this time of year this shampoo will be key. We forget how harsh cold weather can be on our scalps if we are not perpetually wearing a hat.

Finding the product that works for you is key. Now go out their and let their jaws drop from that new amazing hair.

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