• Stephanie Yewdell

A Brow Above the Rest

There has been a meme or a quote floating around on social media that states something along the lines of how we all never knew brows were going to be so important. This is because most millennials suffered from the early aughts when brows were non-existent. Then we turned a corner and BAM brows are seeing their moment.

I must confess, I never indulged in microscopic brows and have always loved my think brows. However, I would just get them waxed and now threaded. Then one day I elevated my brow regime and I cannot look back.

Your new, important brows should always look natural, but enhanced. After you brows have been shaped following your natural arch, they can be filled in. A brow pencil is your best best. Kevyn Aucoin's The Precision Brow Pencil ($26) is available in various shades based off brow color. With the brush end, style brows how they should lay. With the other side, fill in brows where hair is not. Brush over again. Brows look fuller and thicker and natural. The key is natural. Skinn Brow Professional is similar, but the opposite end is a brow gel. This will keep brows in their place for all day long. For a more defined brow, Talika Liposourcils Ink is similar to a pencil, but the ink helps to draw in brows. On clean brows and skin, just like the pencil fill in and shape brows to your perfect shape.

After penciling in brows, it is important to fill in brows and keep them thickity thick like corn bread! Benefit's Gimme Brow ($24), gives your brows life. It volumizes brows and slightly tints them to help give them even more power. It is almost like giving your brows hair extensions. Brow Obsessed ($9) from Palladio too will gradually build your brows. If full brows are your goal these are your answer.

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