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If you are anything like me, you forget to fast forward through the commercials when watching TV. If this is you, then you have seen that TRESemme commercial with Chrissy Teigen talking about the new way to wash her hair by reversing the process. A few months back, I got a one time sample of this and tried it out. My hair felt great, but did not think I needed to buy the specialized version of shampoo and conditioner. So for the past week, I decided to see if my hypothesis was true. Would by hair be more voluminous if I conditioned before I shampooed?

Before the switch: flat hair

So on day one as I washed my hair it felt odd to condition first. Even before I started the process, my hair felt dry as I was getting it wet. I conditioned up my hair using Jason Volumizing Lavender Conditioner, from root to tip. I usually avoid this because my hair would be an oil slick immediately after it dries. Once I shampooed with the corresponding Jason Volumizing Lavender Shampoo my hair felt silky and smooth. However, when I got out of the shower, I had to use Verb Leave In Mist, to let my comb smoothly run through my hair. I was worried that by using the mist, I would weigh hair down and add unnecessary oils to my hair. But that was just a concern it did not really impact it. I never blow dry my hair, so I knew that I would not get that extra volume. When I work up the next morning, my hair did not seem or feel any different. My hair never lasts down, so when I put it up this was when I noticed the difference. My pony tail or messy bun felt thicker. So much so, if I was using a flimsy hair tie, it could have broken.

As the week went on, I continued with my experiment. I switched it up with different shampoos from my favorite blonde enhancing Dessange Solar Blonde Naturale Lightening Shampoo to my new favorite Dove Dermacare Scalp Anti-Dandruff. Each day my hair felt smoother when I first would run it under the water. Depending on the shampoo combination, my hair was harder to comb. As the week went on, I dried it how I normally dry it: in braids, or in a bun, or just scrunched up on my pillow. I got a lot of compliments on my hair as the week went on. My color was great. I attribute that to it being clean and the conditioner was not speeding up the oiling

process. The style looked great. I attribute that to it potentially drying differently. My hair did not get dirty as fast. I attribute that to the conditioner not speeding up the oiling process. I think I was expecting Texas style volume. That is due to time spent in the south and seeing what "big" hair is and not voluminous hair. If I had the time, and blow dried it, my hair may have reached up there. My hair's volume did increase. I could tell on a micro level. My hairs were not weighed down and when holding it in my hands it felt as if I was holding more. Since I am such a tactile person, my only real issue was that my hair did not feel as soft.

After the switch: More volume

Conclusion: If you are truly seeking out more voluminous hair switch up the order, but beware you sacrifice smoothness.

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