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I have a group chat with my college friends, where the conversation runs the gamut to why Duane Reade now has Citi Bank ATMs, to the fact that our respective jobs have interesting interpretations of what a snow day means. Oh and obviously beauty comes up ALL the time. My friend wanted a new curling iron and without ANY hesitation I tried to yell through the text message (oh you thought we talk on the phone, HAHA, its 2017) I said you NEED the Beachwaver. As I was typing, she was asking if she should buy said curling iron. I have had this iron for years and LOVE it beyond belief.

Anything that will make your hair look amazing and is not complicated to use is a win in any beauty book. Curls in any shape and form are what are desired by the beauty pact right now. However, sometimes maneuvering the curling iron can be a complicated task. Due to dexterity and what not curls on one side have a distinctly different appearance than the other side of your hair.

Sarah Potempa Beachwaver


($129) is a revolutionary curling iron that will help anyone look like they went to

Once you press the button, your hair is automatically rolled around the barrel. There is the option for slow and fast rotation. As well, there are safety featured built into the iron. It will automatically turn off if it senses that the barrel is too close to your scalp or if hair happens to get tangled. The waver gives you three types of curls: beach waves, glam waves, or defined curls. Not only does it make creating curls easy but it cuts styling time in half. The iron heats ups in a flash, and it takes no time to style your hair. The iron is also an amazing value for its ability to achieve great at home style.

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