• Stephanie Yewdell

These are a few of my favorite things....

The beauty world is over saturated with products, so it might not seem feasible to pick favorite products. But through testing anything and everything,, some products will just rise to the top.

"Are your lashes fake?," is something I am constantly hearing. No, but I use Rimmel's Wonderlash Mascara ($9) truly is a wonder. For full disclosure, I have been blessed with thick long lashes. However, this mascara cranks up the volume to 100. The spiral brush helps to define lashes with zero clumps. This helps to increase the faux factor because each individual lash is coated in conditioning Moroccan Argan Oil. What I love even more about this mascara is how affordable it is, but makes your lashes look like a million bucks.

Then there are those with even skin tones. Who are these lucky folks and how did they get so

blessed. Well, since I did not win that jackpot, I am forced to search for anything to give the illusion that my skin is even. I do not know how I came across this, but I am happy that L'Oreal Visible Life Blur Concealer ($13) came into my life. This tiny tube has lasted me the better part of a year. I am almost at the point where I am going to cut the tube in half to grab every last drop of concealer. The concealer is great because it is thick, but weightless. It completley covers your blemishes and dark circles. When I first started wearing it under my eyes, I got so many compliments that I looked so well rested. I will take it even though I looked like a tired mess (#teacherlyfe).

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