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Pucker up

Spring is almost here, believe it or not. Well officially it is, but have you been outside recently? Brrrr. With the winter most of us had, we are all battered from the weather. Our lips have not escaped the harsh cold and it shows.

Begin the healing process with Bliss Spa’s Fabulips ‘Pout’-O- Matic ($48). The kit

includes a sugar lip scrub and exfoliating tool to sloth away all that dead skin that

winter chapped away at. It revitalizes, rejuvenates and smoothes the thin skin on

your lips. Lock the moisture in with Neova’s Cu 3 Intensive Lip Repair ($22), which is

a potent combination of copper and peptides to repair the damaging effects of wind

and cold. Organic Doctor Royal Jelly Lip Serum ($5) is an intense moisturizer, just

like a face serum that penetrates and condition lips with African Coffee Tree Oil. An

added bonus is it smells like the freshest orange which you will want to like.Thankfully, its organic, but then it won’t actually work. An effective lip balm is


lip balm


Protecting Lip Balm

Like every middle schooler trapped inside of us there is a direct correlation to lip

balms must smell good. Think about that ten pack of lip smackers you lusted after

every time you went to the drug store. Alba Botanica Hawaiian lip balm ($3) comes

in a variety of tropical, dream worthy scents such as pineapple quench, passion fruit nectar, and coconut cream. For a refreshing kiss

The Body Shop Foundation Lip


($7) in Dragon Fruit

Avalon Organics Soothing

Vanilla Rosemary Lip Balm ($3) to help restore lips and use aromathology to help relax.

Then there is a time when your lip balm should be a little special or work overtime.

Usually that incorporates color. Pacifica’s Coconut Kiss ($10) is a long lasting color

and hydrating lip butter. Herbal tinted lip balm from Palladio ($5) comes in a range

of colors like rosey to give that bold red lip for a color that won’t quit moisturizing.

Even a lipstick such as Deborah Lippmann’s lipstick ($22) can give a rich shade. Then

sometimes you want a little designer on your lips and Marc Jacobs lip lock ($24) is a moisturizing lip balm that has a little catwalk qualities to it. For your man,


Logistic for Men

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