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Fragrance of the Month: May

This month’s fragrances are two unique options that will get you ready for the summer, which will be here sooner than we think (Fingers CROSSED!). As we cross the threshold of summer it is important that your fragrance mimics the environment. Nothing is worse than getting a wiff of a heavy fragrance in the middle of warmer months. Well there is, but this is not great.

The purveyor of all things colorful, Kate Spade’s Live Colorfully ($75) captures the essence of a summer rainbow and perfectly bottles it. Before even opening it to spray, you know that it will be fresher than newly cut grass. Orange is captured with mandarin, pink from water lily, and deep ambers layer together for a unique fragrance. Tiare flower, golden gardenia, coconut water work to bring in the summer breeze, which is finished off with hints of vanilla and musk. It is a wonderfully light fragrance that whispers to those passing by that it is the essential summer fragrance.

For the men Prada’s Luna Rossa Extreme ($88) is a warm summer night in a bottle as the crickets

wake up and hum the evening away. Prada intended to have the fragrance show equilibrium which is necessary when sailing the high seas. Sailing the high seas is one of our favorite warm weather activities. First you ware met with the peppery freshness of Italian Bergamot which is zesty, yet relaxing from the lavender. Then the amber has a leathery warmness mixed with fruity juniper berry. Then it is finished off with a warm vanilla that hugs you as you watch the fireflies light up the summer night sky.

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