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Making the Grade: Oasis Day Spa

State testing is officially over. That means standing on my feet for 3+ hours watching children write, write, write and solve, solve, solve is done. With that great accomplishment comes incredibly tired bodies. After three months of intense test prep, I decided to reward myself with a little massage. It is no joke when I say I researched the best spa within my budget as if I were deciding on a college. Eventually, I decided on Oasis Day Spa*. It was somewhat conveniently located and the massages weren't ridiculously priced.

I studied the website and called up to book. When I called, the receptionist, I had some clarifying questions. There were two similar massages and wanted to know the differences. So I asked. And much to my chagrin, I learned the receptionist could read, and that's it. She read the same description that was online. But then I asked what the benefits were, she read the description again. I am so glad to know she is reading on grade level. She could not tell me what was the benefit of one massage over another. It was a basic deep tissue massage then!

Through the deluge of water that hit NYC, I made it to the true city oasis. Tucked under a gorgeous office building in midtown, I descended to my day of pampering. The reception area was your standard spa reception area. They had your scented candles, luxury skin care products and 3 associates in all black ready to welcome you. I was then brought to the lounge where I settled in. However, it took three tries to find a locker that sort of worked properly. I took a little tour before heading to the waiting area. There it was not the steam room I could have sworn I read about. There was a sauna, however. Additionally, partnered with the spa is a salt room. I asked when I left if it was included, but sadly it was an additional charge. I think it would have been awesome if they allowed spa guests to enjoy it after their services.

I put on my cozy robe that covered everything which was a huge win. Some spas out there don't love us bigger girls. As I waited for my massage, I sipped some classic cucumber spa water and nibbled on some treats.

Chad, my masseur, was right on time to pick me up for my massage. He asked me what areas were bothering me and I told him my right hip. He asked because I assumed he was going to focus on said hip, but you know what happens when you assume. My deep tissue massage came and went. Chad got into my muscles and it hurt sometimes, so I knew it was working. HOWEVER, he barely focused on the area we discussed. I was beyond disappointed. I came specifically to have that area worked on. I understand other parts of my overworked body may have showed signs of tiredness and stress. As the massage progressed, I thought maybe he would hit that area. As I turned over, he would hit that area. But no. The massage ended, and I felt relaxed, but was unhappy with who I was paired with.

I headed to the lounge, drank some water and enjoyed the few amenities the spa offered. I enjoyed my time in the sauna. The spa was rather empty so it felt like my private sauna which was amazing. It was small, yet I still got to sprawl out. I showered in their incredibly clean showers, got dressed and went about my day of nothing.

Final Grade: C+

*At time of publishing Oasis Day Spa's website has expired, so yelp was the next best option.

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