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Infallible Collection: Making a passing grade

This past school year I decided to value sleep over my makeup routine. Weird for a beauty blogger, I know, but sleep makes me a better teacher. Ask my students, there are two Ms. Yewdell's and they like the well rested, well caffeinated one. However, as I would look in the mirror I would hate how red my face would be by the first quarter of the day. So, I needed to find a happy medium between sleep and coverage.

Through all the frogs I found my prince of coverage. Recently I discovered the Infallible collection by L'Oreal. What made me most excited was the Infallible Total Cover ($13), a full coverage, yet weightless feeling foundation. I applied it with L'Oreal's version of the beauty blender, Blend Artist Foundation Blender ($7). I must admit, I have never used any type of these products, but I am a convert. With the blender a little of the foundation goes a long way for even coverage. It goes on completely matte too. I was not tempted to used my setting powder, which is HUGE.

Before using the foundation, I used the Concealer Color Correcting Palette ($17), which has four different concealers for four different reasons. Oh do they have their purpose. There is one for dark circles. Used it and they disappeared. There is one for discoloration. Used it to see how it worked, but nothing is discolored on me. One for neutralizing redness. Used it and wish I could just have green foundation (kidding). There is one for brightness. Used that one and I just lit up the room. It comes with a little sponge to help apply it. However, it was super flimsy, so using a concealer brush is ideal. I also got the contouring kit ($17), but was way too intimidated to try it out. The concealing kit is great, but not ideal for my busy morning.

I have been using the foundation regularly and I am incredibly happy with it. It stays put and keeps my skin looking even. For anyone looking for that drug store option, Infallible is the way to go.

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