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Can I get Sum(mer) nails?

Photo courtesy of Sinful Colors

As I am sitting here sweating, with 3 fans and an AC roaring in the middle of the first of what I can only imagine are many NYC heat waves, I am thinking about the beach, the pool, the summer of my dreams. Oh, and it happens to be the night before the L.A.S.T. D.A.Y. O.F. S.C.H.O.O.L! What better way to celebrate the end of school and the start of summer with a fresh manicure and pedicure.

We already know that the market is saturated with options and every color is slightly different. That is why you can NEVER have too many options. Sinful Colors helps to feed that addiction. For the most reasonable price Sinful Colors is rich and long lasting. Start with a bubble gum pink: 24/7 will be your go to summer pink. To every perfect pink polish is your cherry red that is your classic. So give Red Rum a try. If bolder pink with a hint of maroon tones are your jam, the raspberry effect of Punk the Town is your go to color. Navy I Do takes you right to the peer for all your nautical needs. Mint Apple will instantly cool you off after dealing with this heat. There is nothing like a summer sunset that is laced with deep purples. Remember to Instagram that sunset every day when you are rocking Rebel, Rebel on your digits. Summer is not always for the bold. Take a pastel route with Purpunk, a lilac that is perfect for any wedding you are attending this summer. If you just can't break your inner emo self, the grey . is for every city dweller or punk rocker who wants to lighten up for summer.

Summer may be 100 days, but we all know it revolves around the first week of July. Get your patriotic on with the Free & Fierce collection. No it is not just a red, white & blue polish. It is so much more. There are two limited edition colors of Starry Eyed and Flame Game. Fir the former, think GL-tter! Bring the stars and stripes to life. The later is to honor those fire works that light up the night sky with iridescent white glitter. Then you guessed, there are your classic Red, Whites & Blues with a high gloss top coat to finish off your celebratory manicure.

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