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Summer Soar

I could have written this post Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer; however that would be cliched. Summer has officially started today, and today is the day you prepare yourself to have the best summer since last summer. How? With this unofficial guide to help you survive with some of the products you need.

There is literally only one thing that should come to mind when you think of summer and beauty in the same sentence. That is sun protection. It is incredibly vital that you have every inch covered, so you are not spending a good portion of your later years visiting your dermatologist. Let someone else fund his vacation home or midlife crisis car. There are a ton of options on the market. My favorites are always the sprays. For me there are the easiest to apply. Kiehl's no frill Activated Sun Protection ($25) is water resistant and is broad spectrum. It is a lotion for the skin, so it needs to be rubbed in. However, it helps you realize what parts you did not miss. If a traditional lotion is more your speed, Lavanila's Health Sun Screen ($22) is a broad spectrum cream that is perfect for your active lifestyle. It is water resistant and 100% natural. Then we know the person who wants to look like she is prepping for her SI cover shoot, but knows how dangerous that oiled up goddess look will cost you. Fret no more, Clarins Broad Spectrum Oil Spray ($36) is your answer. With 30 SPF and water resistance, you can achieve that bronze goddess status for longer than the statues crumbling at the MET. If you have ever read the directions to your sun protection it always states that you must reapply, but when the time comes you just are so hot and sticky. The thought of applying sticky suntan lotion is nauseating. Then Pixi's Sun Mist ($29) came across your screen. This mist combines Chamomile, Bamboo Extracts and Broad Spectrum sun protection to soothe as it protects. Brush on Block Mineral Sunscreen ($32) is a great option for on the go protection and oil absorbing. Even if you are not going to spend the day out in the sun it is vital that your face is protected constantly. Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield ($65) will help to prevent sun damage and fine lines. The thought of putting make up on during the height of summer may be as torturous as some of the scenes from Game of Thrones, but that is why a tinted sunscreen ($38) such as AllGlamR's is clutch. It will provide the same broad spectrum protection, and give you the coverage you need. Then there those who do not care about anything but that perfect tan after all the protecting they have dine. Fool the best of them that you just came back from a week long beach vacay with Tan Luxe's The Butter ($36), an illuminating tanning butter that will help you achieve that bronze medal you have been working towards. Hair does not get a free pass from sun protection. Macademia Professional has a full line of Endless Summer products to protect hair from Sun and Surf from shampoo & conditioner to leave in protecting sprays.

Summer is also the time we like to get our travel on. With so many restrictions on airlines or just the fact that no-one wants to schlep around their entire bathroom, travel sized ready products are clutch. You know that hair products are the most particular for every lady and no-one above ager 12 uses the hotel toiletries. That is why Honest Beauty's The Jet Set ($29) pack is perfection. It has shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and a salt spray. I don't know about you, but my blowdryer hibernates now, so salt sprays are my answer to doing my hair. In addition to Honest's Bed Head has both their Queen Beach and Beach Me in a travel ready bottle. The former is your traditional salt spray and the later has gel infused in it to define those waves. Your skin may also be craving some TLC from the road, so bring along Tu'El Travel Pack ($52) which is just mini versions of their hard working, products to keep you freshest and looking your best. It is available in every version they offer in full size. In summer, skin always feel tired and toner is what seems to bring it back to life, so Arcona has Triad Pads 2 Go($10), that are individually wrapped to help keep skin balanced.

Finally, there is something about the scent of summer that is so much more than just the season. It is the memories, the heat, the sun, the surf, and the list goes on. Post shower, add that layer with Soap & Glory's Orangeasm, ($15)a body butter, which is not has heavy as one might think. It is a mix of citruses for a uplifting scent. There is also Clean's Cool Cotton & Grapefruit ($48) that is a summer evening in a bottle. It is fresh like linens straight out of the dryer that wake you up to what is about to happen for the entire summer. Summer is also where we love to find the balance in life to reset and restore. Aura Cacia's Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Roll-On ($13) to help achieve everything from opening your heart to empowering your solar plexus.

Now that you are somewhat ready for summer, go out there protect yourself, travel the world and smell great doing it!

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