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Making the Grade: Sun Bum Hair Lightener

The past few times I went to

Target, I had a Little panic attack. Each summer, I indulge in a little sun lightening with the help of an agent. But my favorite one was missing. As if the internet was not spying on me (it is) they started placing Sun Bum ads for their new lightening spray. I needed it!

I finally got my hands on it. This past weekend, I gave it a go. Would it replace my staple? And it did! The Sun Bum Hair Lightener Blonde Formula ($15) is part of a new hair line for the brand. The quintessential surf brand, it is only appropriate that they would help their loyal followers achieve that perfect sun kissed hair. The spray is formulated to amplify the natural highlighting effect the sun has on lighter hair. There is a blend of pineapples, honey and UV activated blends that help to ignite natural, subtle highlights. Hydrogen Peroxide is added to help speed up the process; however it does not come with that classic smell when H2O2 is added to a product. This is best used on hair that is no darker than light brown for a natural look.

Before heading to the pool, I prepped my hair. I only wanted to concentrate on my roots, and avoid my highlights. I have balayage, so my hair already has a sun kissed look. It was growing out fast thanks to a bad hair cut and a strict regimen of biotin. I concentrated my spray at my crown and part and headed out to the pool. It was not too hot out so I could stand the heat. I read my AMAZING book, worked on my safe tan and crossed my fingers. After finally finishing my book, I showered and let my hair dry. It worked. My roots were lighter and blended with my current color. For the remainder of the summer, I will examine my natural growth and maintain my sun kissed look with a little spritz here and there. Mission accomplished, my favorite has been replaced!

Grade: A+

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