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Making the Grade: No Poreblem Primer

Morning Make Up

Today I went back to work. You know this because you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. What you do not know is that I put make up on for the first time since June 14th and then stepped into the steam room that is known as New York City. While I may be prone to hyperbole, wearing make up regularly in a New York City summer often is a waste of time. Why? Well, once you put it on in the comfort of your home you look FABULOUS, then you step onto the street and it seems to all melt away. There really is no point, unless you have to.

I knew today that I had to bite the bullet and put on my face. To help keep make up in place you always need to use a primer. It preps skin for make up, evens out your skin, and helps create a base for foundation or tinted moisturizers to last longer. However, there are too many primers that feel greasy or seem to sit on top of your skin. Touch in Sol's No POREblem Primer came across my vanity. From first site, I had the gut feeling that this one was going to work. Then I looked at the back for instructions and ingredients. I could not read it because it was in Korean. My first impression was being validated because any beauty betty knows that products from Korea are FAR superior. In the bottle it is a faint pink. A little goes a long way, for a silky, smooth base. I applied my favorite, mattifying foundation to help combat my shine issue. I needed to make sure to evenly blend in with my beauty blender for full coverage. I allowed for my make up to set in and finished it off with a loose powder and setting spray. I was feeling my best, ready to present (yes, first day back, I was presenting, even if for 20 seconds).

Post Work Make Up

I stepped outside and it had just rained, so I was not ready for the repercussions. It was actually not too humid, but I was sweating a bit on my forehead. The true test was when I blotted it. Would my makeup lift with each blot. Being as gentle as possible, some of the foundation did lift, so I was left with a little discoloration. It was nothing a little creative hair part could not fix. The true test once I cooled, was would my oily skin naturally remove the make up. I got home, exhausted and looked in the mirror. Most of my make up was still there. To say I was impressed, is an understatement.

Final Grade: A

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