• Stephanie Yewdell

Good to the Last Drop

In my last post, I raved about my new favorite primer, and now it is going to last me MUCH longer than I expected. I recently transitioned to using beauty blenders for their even application of make up. However, it bothered me that it was sucking up my make up. It was as if I were pouring money down the drain. I then discovered the Make Up Drop. It is the original silicone makeup applicator. Shaped and translucent, just like a rain drop one mistakes it first for a decal or toy. On the pointed end, one applies their foundation directly to it. Do not put a ton on because unlike applicators of days past, the drop does not absorb any of your pricy creams and foundations. It takes a bit of getting used to applying it. It does not go on as smoothly as one would think, but with a little effort you can achieve even coverage. The bottom of the drop is for blending. It also serves multiple purposes. The tip can be used to apply lip color too. Once done using the drop can be washed with soap and water or swiped with a anti-bacterial wipe. If you are like every other teacher, you know that you have an endless supply and are excited to add another use to them. While not the most revolutionary product to apply make up, The Make Up Drop gives you wonderful coverage and foundation lasts far longer than when applying the traditional method.

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