• Stephanie Yewdell

Beauty brands you have not heard of: Tree Hut

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, my leg hair grows wild. Summer is not the time to let that happen. While annoying, it is a daily chore when showering during the warmer months. I recently went to my stash and pulled out Tree Hut's Shave Oil ($12). I was nervous. Me the klutz; oil in the shower. Fear not, I did not slip, but my legs were smooth. Unlike a traditional shaving cream, a small amount of oil will go a long way, and prepare the entire leg. It helps to get the closest shave and the oil helps to moisturize skin too.

Tree Hut has an entire Bare line for products to keep skin smooth. Before shaving, the Shave Prep Sugar Scrub ($10) helps to achieve an even smoother shave. For ultra moisturizing post shave, the Hair Minimizing Body Butter ($10) the cream will help to extend time between shaves. It is also great for those with sensitive skin because it will help with bumps.

Tree Hut is an extensive line of bath and body products. There is a scrub in almost every scent you can think of. The body butters give it a stiff competition. Use them together and your skin will be perfection. If body butters are too heave, lotions are a great lightweight option. Everything in between will complete your bathroom and transform it into a sanctuary.


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