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Mask your feelings: Don't believe everything you see

You've seen them. Those scary videos. That video that makes you cringe in fear. Its when those brave souls pos their Black Charcoal Mask fails. They are a fail for a reason.

If that was not a deterrent enough, I had to take a plunge into the deep end. I ordered The Black Peel Off Mask ($13) from Amazon and waiting on baited breath for its delivery. Fearful, I would pull off multiple layers of skin, I read the directions, then I read them again, and again. To begin the process, your skin must be prepped before the mask can be applied. After five minutes of a warm towel to open your pores, the mask can be applied. Airing on the side of caution for my first time, I kept the mask on only for fifteen minutes. Within that time the majority of the mask dried and was ready for peeling. The rate at which is dries depends on how think one applies the mask. When I did it for a second time, and let it set for twenty minutes, I had the same experience.

I had figured once I started peeling because it was not completely dried, I was not going to find my 15 minutes of Youtube fame. It was no cake walk though. Where the mask was dried, it felt like taking a band-aid off. The mask extracts all the gunk from your pores while pulling out some fine hairs on your face. That's where the irritation is from. For the mask that does not dry, a warm wash cloth will take it off. It is still as effective as when you peel it off.

The mask truly does work. It gets deep into pores to extract dirt. At first skin is a bit red due to the initial peel, but as time passes skin looks fresh. It is smoother and fresher. A bottle has about three masks in it. Depending on skin sensitivity, the mask should be applied weekly.

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