• Stephanie Yewdell

Erupting detox for the skin

Summer is unfortunately coming to a screeching, unofficial halt this weekend. Fun in the sun usually means that you have been truly enjoying yourself. Enjoying yourself and being health do not really coincide. So what that means for you is that it is time to detox. Sure you can go spend your pay check on a juice cleanse. Ot you can start from the outside. Alba Botanica is your first stop for all things natural bath products. Recently they introduced their Hawaiian Detox line.

The Hawaiian Detox Line of products includes lotions, scrubs, washes, and masks to name a few. Pollution has severe and negative effects on your skin. They cause wrinkles, redness, inflammation, and blemishes. The line of Hawaiian products work to extract and whisk away pesky impurities with volcanic clay. After uses skin on your face and body will look brighter, and smoother. Alba does not skimp on product either. Both the Body Wash $14 and Renewing Lotion ($13) come in 32 ounce bottles to keep you detoxing longer than we hope pollution would last. While you might think it smells as a detoxifier would that is not true. Feeling like a tropical vacation there is coconut, ginger, lotus flower, and yerba mata. The wash will pull the impurities out, while the lotion helps to keep skin looking clear. There is also a Detox Frothy Scrub ($9) that gets deep down and works its magic. It helps to extract and absorb dirt. Living in New York City, I know that these products have been a life saver. It is unavoidable here and this Alba line helps to mitigate all that exhaust we have to walk through.

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