• Stephanie Yewdell

The look for less

Open any magazine in recent publishing and you know that Gucci is the designer of the moment. Let's be clear, Gucci has always been a designer mainstay. It's having its moment right now. I wanted the slides, but they just were not the best option for my daily life. For my birthday this year, I opened the box from Saks 5th Avenue and already knew I was joining the club. I opened my very own box of Marmont GG Suede Block Heels ($750) in black. I was in love. They are the perfect height, go with everything and are a cross between seventies chic and prepster. The shoes are comfortable enough to wear to work, (at least for our Wednesday half days) and they pair perfectly with my distressed, ripped jeans.

While I love my shoes and will wear them with everything forever, I was drawn to the silver version. However, I knew for that price they were not practical and I would not wear them with everything. This week I was on Target's website after being drawn in by an Instagram post that was unrelated. I obviously found myself in the clothing and shoe department. Target has just launched a new line, A New Day, which is a great line of every day wear and casual work clothes. I was then caught off guard by the Glida Loafer Heel Pump ($33). I have come across a few other loafers that were inspired by the Gucci's, yet these were the most similar. They have the same toe, heel height and fringe. They come in black suede and a crackly silver. At that price, it is easier to justify owning more than one pair of silver shoes (I already have a few). Regardless of if yor want basic, goes with everything black, or sleek silver, the Target versions are a great option.

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