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Seeing red: Mascara shades you did not know you needed

This past weekend I went away for a little low key R&R to usher in the end of summer. I packed just my essentials. Mascara is always an essential. This was a great opportunity to test out my newest products. Without thinking about it, I packed my brand new Rouge Bunny Rouge. The next morning the weather was not superb so we decided to go shopping. Quickly getting ready I put on my tinted moisturizer and two coats of mascara. However, I stopped mid coat. It was red. RED?!? I was perplexed, but had to go with it. I didn't have another tube. Then I thought, it probably was intentional, so off with my day I went. I emerged from my room and my mother commented how my make up looked good. It's usually along the lines of, did you look in the mirror, it's not blended in, something to make me feel self conscious all day.

It was intentional. The Rouge Bunny Rouge Magnitude Mascara ($30) was called Ruby, because of its deep red shade. I usually shy away from anything red because it only amplifies my roseasa. The full, stable brush evenly separates lashes and elongates each one. The mascara's formula is light weight, and effortlessly goes on that at first I was not sure if I had applied enough. Two coats are the perfect amount. The sleek, and deep color opens up eyes. The ruby red color helps the whites of your eyes to make them pop. Additionally, Rouge Bunny offers the ruby shade in their Witchery Modelling Mascara ($30) as well. The brush is designed to reach every lash to help thicken and enhance all lashes.

I have always loved wearing colored mascaras. However they were in more traditional wild colors such as purple and blue. If I have learned anything from wearing these ruby shades, is that you never know what color is going to look best, until you try it.

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