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Making the Grade: The Lancer Method Anti-Aging Regimen

About a month ago, I was recently approached by Influenster to participate in a skin care challenge to test out The Lancer Method Anti-Aging Regimen ($135) from Sephora. Since I have such sensitive skin, I was apprehensive to agree. However, I told myself if my skin had a vial reaction I would just stop. A blog post truly is not worth it for that sacrifice. Lucky for me, I did not have to quit in the middle of my challenge.

The kit has four components. I started off with The Method: Polish product. It is a self heating exfoliator that is fine, but concentrated amount of exfoliator. It was gentle enough for my sensitive skin. Additionally, when it heated up, it did not adversely impact my sensitive skin. Usually, heat will exacerbate my redeness. However, I think using The Method: Cleanse right after, counter acted the heat. It was a cooling, refreshing cleanser. It has a citrusy, uplifting scent. A little cleanser goes a long way and helps to rid skin of any extra grime the exfoliator leaves behind. Then I used The Method: Nourish which is like a serum. I prefered it more at night because my skin had time to absorb it. This kit is best for normal or combination skin, so my oily skin did better with it at night. When I used it in the morning, it was still working and if I was wearing make up, I had to use extra setting powder. Finally I used the Eye Contour Lifting Cream to help brighten my eyes. A little goes a long way.

I was skeptical that my skin would improve in two weeks. With my rosacea it is often hard to see the results consistently. From the first use of the kit, I noticed that my skin tone was becoming more even. When putting my concealer on in the morning, I was using less and less. My blemishes were disappearing and my skin was super dewy. I notice I have been using less and less make up in the morning since my skin has been more and more healthy.

I received this product as a free sample.

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