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Making the Grade: ColorScience Calming Perfector

I recently went picked up from Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser practice the Color Science Calming Perfector ($49). We all know about my never ending bought with rosacea, so I am open to trying any product that will help calm my skin. The product is a primer, so it’s a great option to prep my skin for make up.

When I first used it, I was surprised. Unlike any primer I have used before it was a beige shade. I was so confused. Was this a primer? Was this a tinted moisturizer? At first. I thought it was the later and applied it that way. However, because I treated as a tinted moisturizer, I used my beauty blender. It went on cakey and I tried to fix the look in whatever way possible. Apparently it looked ok as a tinted moisturizer, but I was self conscience.

I let it sit on my vanity for a couple of weeks and recently picked it back up. I have combined it with a tinted moisturizer and I am impressed with the results I have gotten since using it as a primer. The primer created an even base for my tinted moisturizer. It truly evened out my skin tone. The moisturizer I am currently using is a light tint, but combined with the primer it is the perfect amount of coverage.

The formula for the Calming Primer is rich with antioxidants to help neutralize redness. It is a great option for those who just had laser treatments or have been recently waxed. For me, it was great as a roseaca sufferer. It has an SPF of 20 which helps to prevent further discoloration. Over all this is a great primer that fills in fine lines, shrinks pores and illuminates skin.

Final Grade: B+

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