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I have somethings to confess:

  • I have been in a blogging rut, so that is why it’s been a while since my last post. It’s due to a combination of work stress (welcome to the life of a teacher) and grasping for inspiration.

  • I have been a beauty blogger for 7 years and just recently tried the infamous Beauty Blender for the first time.

It has revolutionized the way I apply my makeup. It has helped to make my foundation look like it is my second skin. However, I felt as if I had to clean my blenders more than any other foundation applicator. I would just run it under the sink and using soap until it seems to be clean. But I know that is not true.

Finally, Beauty Blender has come out with their Keep.It.Clean kit ($2

0). Included in the kit is a cleansing mit, solid blendclenser and a sample of the liquid blendcleanser. The mit is textured to clean, but not tear up your blender. It helps to get into every part of the blender to release old foundation. Apply a little of the cleanser and then gently massage the applicator on the mit. Rinse until water runs clear and let it dry.

The best part about the mit, is that it can also be used on traditional make up brushes. You may have seen all over social media the textured clipboards that DIY experts mad

e to clean brushes. I had the notion that I was going to make one since I have access to clipboards. Then I never did it and came across this bad boy. Its great for brushes of all sizes.

When your skin clears up, you will thank your clean brushes!

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