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Running on Red

There is nothing more classic than red nail polish. Back in the day it was one of only two options you had to paint your nails. Options today are endless, but red still stands the rest of time. Here on The Teacher’s Beauty Guide we are going to take a look at the best reds on the market. When we decided to test out the reds there were some ground rules.

  • Colors needed to be available in stores at time of publishing

  • Polishes needed to already be in the teacher’s possession

  • Brands may be repeated

Reds run the gamut now and there is one for every mood, want and need.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy: Haute Springs ($8): When you think of the red apple Snow White bit into, this is what this polish is. It is a rich, shiny shade. From first stroke there are purple undertones, but when you apply your second coat the color comes alive. It will also remind you of that red lipstick that you have been searching for.

OPI Infinite Shine: Ring the Buzzer Again ($13): This shade brings the shine, but needs to be applied using the base coat that comes with it. A great fall red, there are hints of maroon that are perfect for the changing seasons. It is a versatile red that will look great for everyday wear or evenings on the town.

Seche: Rouge ($7): If the order is going seasonally, Seche Rouge is the deep, dark shade that is what your holiday, winter nails crave. It goes great with an accent nail on your ring finger. It is no frills and its named appropriately. It oozes cool downtown girl.

Sinful Colors: GoGo Girl ($2): This color was part of a set that was released during the Fourth of July. So as that Americana image is forming in your head, it is absolutely right. It is Corvette Red on a summer night. When you think of red from the crayon box, it is like this one. When reaching for a red, but you do not know which side of the red spectrum you want this one is smack in the middle.

O.P.I.: Cajun Shrimp ($9): Cajun Shrimp is a classic O.P.I. color that does not read red in the bottle. However, once you put it on, you begin to realize what a great bright red it is. There are coral undertones which is why it is more popular in the warmer months. There is a reason it is most girls go to color when they go to the salon.

From The Teacher's Beauty Guide collection these are the best reds available. While many more were tested, it is a shame to report that some are no longer available for purchase. For example the Merle Norman Collaboration that was like a fresh coat of paint on a 1969 Mustang. But if there is anything you take away from this round up is to find your red, hold onto your red, and embrace the red polish everyone should rock.

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