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Making the Grade: Sally Hansen Salon Chrome

For someone as obsessed with nail polish and nail art, one would think that I would have a new polish on every day or new nail art weekly. However, the truth is I am often wearing chipped polish that is begging to be removed. I do promise that I know my stuff. Remember, busy teacher over here.

So, about a year ago, I was OBSESSED with the iridescent chrome manicure that was all over Instagram. I was mesmerized. I needed it. I had to have it. Then I found out that this would run me a small fortune. So, I could never bring myself to splurge. But my girl, Sally Hansen has my back. I was targeted marked about this new at home Salon Chrome ($15). Hook. Line. Sink. Pulled out my Target card, saved my 5%, and waited for the delivery.

There are currently three options available: Rose Gold, Peacock Blue, and Gunmetal. The blue was what I had been lusting after for over a year and it just so happen to work perfectly with my Halloween Costume. I was the Peacock on the Wildest Dream Team. Perfection? I would say so.

I sat down to give myself what I hoped was a $70 manicure at a fraction of the cost. I made the mistake of checking out before realizing I needed other Sally Hansen products. I just wished it was more obvious on Target's site that it was an enhancement to Sally Hansen's at home gel manicure. However, I was able to improvise. Instead of Miracle Gel Blacky, I used my own black polish and followed the same directions. The process was similar to what your nail tech would do. After applying the base, you add the powder which is comparable to loose shimmery eye shadow. If this didn't would, I was going to repurpose it for that exact use. Then you seal it in with the Special Effects Top Coat and works its magic. The final step is to use the Miracle Gel Top Coat, which you guessed, I did not have. Instead, by accident (hello blonde), I used my OPI Infinite Shine base coat. However, the shine was insane, so the joke is one you.

Overall, the shine was insane. The color was multifaceted; from one angle it was royal blue and from another it was deep purple. I was happy. Was it that even finish a nail tech can achieve? No. Did I stay in the lines? No. Was saving 80% worth it? Ummmmmmm, YES! The best part is, for that price, I can have my chrome manicure again. Next time, I am going to try a different deep shade and see how the shimmer changes. Stay tuned, or if you do it yourself before me, let me know!

Final Grade: B+*

*If I knew prior I needed more polishes, the grade would have been higher.

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