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Making the Grade: Poetic Waxing Kit

This past weekend, I was at a Friendsgiving. Things got weird and I shot my first live Instagram Story. If you missed it here are the cliff notes:

Our lovely host told us about her at home waxing kit: Bliss Spa Poetic Waxing Kit ($48). She was sick of paying $10 a pop to get her eye brows shaped and bought the kit. It is marketed as a painless at home waxing kit. And guess what? It is a painless at home waxing kit.

We first started with a friend's eyebrows. You microwave the wax and apply it to where you want the hair to be gone. Make sure it covers the area, so it can dry. Just like the professionals, you remove the hair in the direction it grows. You brace yourself for the pain and then RIIIIIIPPPPPPPP! However, the pain never comes. The struggle never comes. It truly is painless and easy to use. It may take some bravery to do it to yourself.

When we did it to my friend, I did not believe it, so I tested it. I did a tiny square on my hairy arm. It barely hurt. The hair was gone. As we know my skin is sensitive, so it was red for about an hour after I waxed, but eventually disappeared. We did not use the cleanser or the pre & post wax oil, which probably would have helped with the sensitivity. But I do repeat, it was minimal.

We were all in. Friendsgiving turned into a waxing party. The kind where you get stuck in a bedroom and eavesdrop on your couple friends while they are fighting and eventually break up. Okay thats an exaggeration. We waxed our friends lip and then ate pie.

Final Grade: A+

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