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Making the Grade: MIZANI Lived-In Finishing Spray

I recently received MIZANI Lived-In Finishing Spray ($17) as part of a BzzAgent campaign to test out. On first inspection, I actually thought that it was a hair spray. However, using my close reading skills I now understand it is a finishing spray. What is a finishing spray you may ask? Well it is a lightweight hair spray.

Light weight hairspray? I often cringe at the idea of them. Every hair dresser I see always tells me if you are going to use hairspray it needs to be a firm hold or it will not work. They are correct. However, that crunchy feel is not always what you want to deal with on a daily basis. A finishing spray or a light weight hair spray is ideal for a soft, flowy look such as beach waves.

I learned about this by trial and error. On the first day of using the spray, I had a sleek, pulled back bun that I wanted to keep for the entire day. By the time 2nd period rolled around my hair was down and a mess. Then on day 2 I slept with my damp hair in braids and wanted to keep my waves from 1st period until the final bell. I had my waves and coated my hair. It does not feel as if it is in my hair and I can run my fingers through it. The added benefit is minimal, but it does help keep the oil at bay. As I run my hands through my hair, the product seems to dissipate and is no longer effective.

The final verdict on the MIZANI Lived-In Finishing Spray is that if you want to look like you stepped off the beach for hours later, this product is for you. Do not mistakenly buy this for when you need that perfect updo.

Final Grade: B

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