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Holiday Gift Guide: Part Six

T-minus seven days and its go time. Fast forward to this time next week and you are waking up, wearing your festive pajamas and are swimming in a pool of wrapping paper. There is no denying that you are not even close to finishing that list off. You still need to buy some presents for a plethora of people. They run the gamut from gym rat, to beauty aficionado, to clueless in the bathroom and everyone in between. From now until the holidays, I will be featuring some of the best gifts to help you check off everyone special on your list. Make sure to subscribe, so you do not miss a single post.

Zoella Beauty Classics: Zoella hails from across the pond and is available at Ulta and Target. It is always a treat to receive European beauty products. The Zoella Pretty Polished Sugar Scrub is simply scented, but is super nourishing. The container is millenial ready with its pink top and mint container. It will leave skin looking and feeling smooth. Names can be misleading since Soak Opera ($10) causes the least amount of drama as you luxuriate in a bath or shower. It too has the light rose scent. Their Creamy Madly Creamy ($9) is a light-weight moisturizer that will not overwhelm even the most particular person.

Finishing Touch Flawless ($20): There is literally no denying it that everywoman has facial hair she wish never existed. It is a pain in the neck to remover. It is painful. Lasers do not really work. It is expensive. Make every woman on your list happy when they open this gift. This simple gadget removes hair instantly and is good for all skin types. About double the size of a lipstick, you move the magic wand where you want to rid hair and it is gone. There is actually no pain. No bumps, redness or irritation are left behind. There is a built in light to help target areas that may not be easily seen. This is the perfect stocking stuffer because it is inexpensive, least expected, and what everyone wants but will not admit they need.

Buxom Lips Off Lease ($59): Full beautiful pouty lips are what some girls pay a lot of money for. However, Buxom has been giving girls that for ages. Now you can give it to your girl friends. This gift set has 15 "mini" versions of their lip plumpers. While smaller than the individual glosses, you truly get your money's worth. There are an endless number of combinations that can be created. The finish of Buxom polishes are obvious from the inside and out. The tingle tells you that your lips are plumping and the shine will catch anyone's eye across the room.

Axe Collection ($10): There is always a teen age boy on your list that is difficult to buy for. Without crossing the line, this gift set is perfect. Each box has one scent and Axe has come a far way with their scents. For example, Apollo is not overwhelming. It is clean, uplifting and fresh. Regardless, when he does open it, be sure to remind him that less is more. In the kit there is the Daily Fragrance, 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash. As a bonus there is a You daily fragrance, which is great to throw in a backpack or gym bag.

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