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Making the Grade: Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Sunscreen Spray with Full Reach Nozzle

I wish I just got back from spring break, but as any teacher knows, it was longer ago than I care to remember. When I was planning my trip, I thought about escaping to an island resort for a little R&R. Before even looking at prices, a little voice in the back of my head kept saying, what about applying sunscreen to your back?

Yes, I recognize that sounds insane for a solo traveler, but it’s a true reality. Applying sunscreen to another person is almost an intimate act (or for someone with sensory issues like me it feels that way). Asking a total stranger was not an option. In the past I have contorted my body to apply sunscreen to my back or made sure my back never faced the sun. I’m protected. In places. However at the end of the day I look like a tonal finger paint project from preschool.

I am not the only one with this issue. Years ago, I read about an attachment to hook onto aerosol sunscreens that you can reach the entire back. When I went to Walgreens on break, it was nowhere to be found. But when I was walking down a random aisle, I was struck with Neutrogena’s new bottle with full reach design for their Cool Dry Sport ($12). I literally had to buy it. The new nozzle has a lever that allows you to extend your reach. The display on the back has a diagram that says it can reach your entire back.

I headed to the beach and found my spot with my great book (Little Bee, recommended!). After settling in, I applied my sunscreen, normally. The formula is no different, so I knew it was going to protect my skin. The plastic attachment, makes it difficult to just spray normally. It took two twists and then it sprayed like the normal bottles. My assumption is that it is more to prevent the sunscreen from spraying in your bag.

Then it was time for the back. I followed the instructions and sprayed away. I could not see where it was going, but it did not feel like I was getting full coverage. However, I was getting much more coverage than if I was using my old Cirque du Soleil method. You cannot trust your feeling 100% of the time. When I filmed application using the nozzle, I noticed that I was in fact achieving full coverage. At the end of the day, this sunscreen will be my go to when I am hitting the pool or beach solo, but if I have a companion, I am going to stick with the traditional method of application.

Final Grade: A

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