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Making the grade: IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam.

Do you remember when KATY Perry went full on deep royal purple? If you know ANYTHING about me I was head over heels for it. I asked my colorist if he would do it for me, and without hesitation he said NO. Too much damage. I thought about a streak, but I wanted to go all in. Then the iridescent trend made its come back. I repeat, If you know ANYTHING about me I was head over heels for it. I was not just going to get a cute make up bag to satiate my desire to try this trend. I was going to go big!

After scrolling through Facebook, one beauty video, after another, caught my eye. It was a non-committal hair dye that claimed to be iridescent too. I had to have it. It was IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam ($22). The video showed that a foam like a sparkly mousse, easily applied to your hair. I was easily convinced. Upon inspection, google told me I could get it on their website or at Sephora. Sold out. I trekked to the Sephora near my apartment. Sold out. Was this limited edition hair product going to be a faint memory? No! On a random scroll through Sephora, I noticed it was restocked. Add to cart, check. Wait patiently for delivery, check. Immediately use, check.

I did not wait for the weekend to debut my new do. On a random weekday morning, I did my hair and used my IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam. The woman at Sephora told me that it leaves hair pretty stiff, so I decided on a slick back look where I could coat my hair in the foam. I bought the Moonrock, which is a deep blue and purple shade. I followed the directions on the bottle. Dispensing a small amount of foam onto my hands. Starting from the front, working my way back, I distributed the products. However, because of where I started the blue shimmery product was more concentrated where I started, rather than evenly distributed. There was no turning back, I needed to catch my bus so, I finished up. Regardless, it was still cool, but I did not achieve my expectations. You must wash your hands after using it because mine looked like galaxy print. I could tell how cool the color was from the way I moved my hand. At some points it was deep royal blue. Then it would turn to a deep moody grey, coming back to a sparkly rich violet.

By the time, I got to school, I forgot that I had put the holographic hair foam in my hair. As I was greeting students, some would gasp: "Ms. Yewdell, you dyed your hair?!?!" while others did not even flinch. It honestly depended on what angle they saw me. I knew this because in the middle of a lesson one excitable student stopped their work and was taken aback by my new "cool" appearance."

The next day I returned, blonde locks in tow, as if my galaxy dreams were just that.

At the end of the day IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam is fun and gimmecky. I did not love the stiff, hardhat feeling it left my hair. I am tempted to try it again with waves, but I am afraid of the stiffness. It is perfect for a no commitment, subtle change of your hair. Its only subtle if your boss catches you on the right angle ;-).

Final Grade: B

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