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Fresh Blooms

There is camp lipstick and camp lipgloss. I board the bus to camp lipgloss. There are a list of reasons why I lean towards lip glosses over lipsticks. It is sheerer, it is neater, I know when it has worn off, it is an enhancer. Some of the best lip glosses do not have to cost a small fortune. They just need to get the job done.

The biggest trend hitting the make up shelves are all things holographic. See here. Jump on the trend bandwagon (because its awesome) with Flower Beauty Galaxy Glaze Holographic Lipgloss ($10). With just the right amount of shine and sparkle there are 6 shades that will work with any desired look. Each gloss has a main color and undertones in the form of hidden sparkles that shine bright when the light hits it. The formula is rich and just the right amount of sticky. Yes, a great lip gloss should be somewhat sticky. This is how it achieves the high gloss final look.

I gravitated to Halo first because it is a magenta with blue undertones. When applied it is much more subtle and the blue shines through when the light hits it. Molten is just that. A deep, fiery red with orange sparkles. Taking gloss lovers to outer space is is Milky Way, a rose pink that speaks to every millennial with the gold glitter. Soleil is a more subtle rose gold that is a perfect nude. All skin tones will look great with this one as the accent to the perfect eye or to finish your no make up, make up look. Go bold with Asteroid. It is cooper, it is rich, it is a stand out. The only way to describe Angelic is as a sweet vanilla, peach kiss. It is hard to pick a winner because they all help to achieve or finish your look. However, to even start you need to head to your closest

since they can only be found there.

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