• Stephanie Yewdell

Making the Grade: BeautyBlender Micro Mini

I love all things miniature: tiny sneakers, tiny plants, tiny books. So when the Beautyblender Micro Mini ($18) came across my desk, I almost flipped. It was without a doubt the cutest little beauty tool to enter the Beauty Guide’s headquarters. However, cuteness is not enough for a passing grade. Would this beauty tool work?

Just like it’s parents, this blender will revolutionize your makeup routine. It is versatile for all your desired looks or various products. It is shaped just like the original, just shrunk to a quarter of its size. When wet it will double in size. When testing it out, I used it in conjunction with my new favorite blush, No Blush Blush by Perricone MD. Instead of using my fingers, I just the wide part of the sponge for that just pinched cheeks look. It is the perfect size for all small areas such as the under eye, inner eye corners, lids, brow bones, sides of the nose, top of the cheeks and acne spots for that flawless look. The tapered point is great for those tough to reach corners and the base is perfect for those small areas that need a blend. The blender is available in pink, green, and black. Treat this baby just like your other beautyblenders: clean after each use and replace every 3 months.

Final Grade: A

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