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Stick it to the manicure

I love glitter. I love nail art. I hate removing glitter nails. I hate paying for nail art. These are the problems of a beauty blogger. However, I am resourceful and have WONDERFUL followers. Recently, sliding into my DMs was PaintMyWorldPretty, a fellow teacher and stylist with


We got to talking and she was generous enough to send over a sample of Color Street Nail stickers. In the past I have used nail stickers for a fashion forward, easy at home manicure. However, the Color Street Nails had the best results. There are countless options to choose from that range in price from 10-13 dollars. There are solids, there is glitter and their are designs. Picking an option is difficult, but once you do application is simple.

Each set of stickers is a complete set to apply for an easy, flawless manicure. Starting on paint free nails, you need to find one of the sixteen stickers that fit your nails and follow the simple directions on the pack. Then once they are secure on the nail, it is important to file down the ends which helps to anchor them to nails. Then they are done.

Color Street nails wear like any manicure. They can be removed with polish remover. However, unlike traditional polish it does not chip like normal polish. There will be a little around edges, but will not look horrible after 24 hours like your salon manicures. The stickers will last about a week, depending on how aggressive you use your hands. I currently have Tokyo Lights on my nails. which is a pale pink glitter with magenta specks. Next time, I am going to use Atlantis as an accent with solid nails.

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