• Stephanie Yewdell

Beach Please

I am after the perfect beach wave. Unfortunately, I do not live my dream life tending bar on the beach, so my hair always looks perfect. However, I have tried to achieve this look for years. I have tried sleeping with my hair in braids, twists and other formations. Then there are the countless number of salt sprays on the market. The original is Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($27) has always been on my wish list, but it was hard for me to pay the steep price. Eventually, I took the plunge when I had a credit at Sephora to try it out and not feel guilty.

I brought home the bottle and added it to my vanity. I used it sparingly for many reasons. The first was because it was so costly and the second is I did not feel like it worked. This was because I was using it incorrectly. Although the bottle says to apply to damp hair, it is meant to be so close to dry. I was putting it on hair that was close to wet. Even with towel drying it did not work the best. However, when my hair was basically dry I would spray a generous amount over my natural waves. As the mist lays on the surface, I would scrunch my hair to help the product work into my hair. From there I would be able to somewhat achieve my beach dream hair.

As well, I would often apply it to my completely dry hair. On hair that would naturally dry, the Surf Spray would tighten up my waves. Towards the back of my hair it would work much better. Unfortunately, my front pieces do not love to keep their texture. On the rare occasion, I used heat tools on my hair, and wanted to achieve a piecey, neat yet messy curls, I often finish off the look with the Salt Spray. It adds the necessary texture for that amazing, just woke up like this hair.

My over all verdict is that if used correctly, this Salt Spray is worth it. However, hair is not magically transformed, it takes a bit of effort.

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