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Beauty brands you haven't heard of: Purely Prana

The fountain of youth is still the number one uncovered location, but Bali may be the closest one may come to it. How do I know this? Earlier this summer I met Jesse while in my relaxed state of being (see previous post). I may have ben in my zen state, my loquacious mother struck up a conversation with Purely Prana. After spending a chunk of time in Bali, Jessie discovered Ozone Therapy that helped to heal various ailments for both humans and animals. Having been gifted skin care products that had been oxygenated Jessie began using it and saw a drastic change within three weeks and knew that this product needed to be shared.

Purely Prana is a skincare line of oils and creams that have a variety of uses and benefits. They are all infused with Activated Oxygen that expedite the healing properties, such as evening skin tone out or helping dark spots disappear. The Activated Oxygen Infused Coconut Creams ($38) are great for any skin type. I would advise using it at night if your skin is on the oily side, but overall it modifies its benefits based off your skins needs. Is it magic? No?! Is it oxygen, probably. Its necessary for life, so why would it not make your skin look its best. It just makes sense! It is available in both Lavender and Rose Geranium Scents. An Activated Oxygen Infused Jojoba Cream ($40) is also available, which is great for all skin types except oily skin. The creams are the solid representation of the skin care that has been Oxygenated, but there are also Coconut ($39) Olive ($39), and Jojoba Oils ($40) too. For the body the Prana Sheild ($41) is available. I have been using the cream on my elbows and on cuticles and have seen a drastic difference.

Prana works to help generate healthy cells, reduce fine lines, even out skin tone, and help skin look more supple. They work first to hydrate skin. The oils are rich in essential fatty acids that help to repair the outer barrier where moisture is often wicked away. When they penetrate the skin they work overtime delivering the vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids to help revive skin. Ten percent of the proceeds are donated to ACT4balidogs, a rescue run by two girls who rehabilitate and house up to 100 dogs at a time.

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