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Sheet Mask Sunday

As I sit here writing this post, dealing with the Sunday Scaries, I am partaking in one of my many rituals that get me prepped for the week ahead. It is Sheet Mask Sunday!

If you have walked into a drug store, Sephora, or up to a beauty counter within the last year, you know that sheet masks are the beauty trend of the moment. I have tried almost all of them, so when one of my favorite international beauty brands, No 7, introduced three new options, I was ready to jump on the next flight across the pond. Oh wait, I do not need to do that anymore.

The three options include:

Lift & Luminate: It is a triple action mask that will instantly radiate skin. This mask does not budge because it hooks around your ears and extends to cover the neck. This is incredibly important, as the neck is what really gives away a woman's age when she has taken care of her skin. It helps to smooth fine lines and firm skin when used within 2 weeks.

Restore & Renew: Just like the Lift & Luminate, it works to help revive skin on both face and neck. It nourishes skin that is just a little tired. After use the cooling mask will help to tighten skin and texture improves within 2 weeks.

Protect & Perfect Intense: Infused with an advanced serum to help skin appear younger within twenty minutes. What makes all these masks wonderful is like the others, they have loops so it attaches to your ears and targets the neck too. Unlike other sheet masks, if actually stays put and does its job.

All the masks are $5.99 and are available at Walgreens, Target and Ulta.

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